HAIR (1979)Raymond’s transition from Dancer to Film, where he danced Twyla Tharp’s choreography in Milos Forman’s version of the Broadway musical.


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LOVE THINGS  (1979)  Black Jack Michael Manetta directed Raymond in this film where he acts as the younger version of Black Jack, the love interest of a bored woman who as a housewife dreams up a fantasy of fulfilling her dream of being a Cabaret singer and Black Jack is her lover.

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A BROTHER’S KISS (1997)Raymond played the part of one of the Salsa dancing customers in a nightclub where the brother’s attempt to make a drug deal. Seth Zvi Rosenfeld directed the film.



HAPPY NEW YORK  (1996)Raymond plays the part of a gangster who intimidates one of the Polish immigrants, attempting to live out their American dream. Janusz Zaorski was the director on this film.


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SANTO  (2005) Raquel Gutierrez directed this film where a girl is protected by her guardian spirit – Chango – who Raymond played him to excellence in this short film.